Do You Need Dental Insurance in Hong Kong?

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The high cost of dental care in Hong Kong is one of the main reasons people don’t go to the dentist. One of the best ways to offset this cost is to secure dental insurance. Our friends at Pacific Prime Hong Kong will give you the low down on dental insurance in Hong Kong.
What Does the Public Healthcare System Cover?
 Hong Kong is well known for its exceptional healthcare system, which provides affordable care to all. However, dental treatments are a different story. To receive subsidized dental care in Hong Kong, you must meet the eligibility requirements.
Are you a student, a civil servant or their dependents? If so, you have access to their affordable school dental care service or the government dental clinics.
Don’t fit in either of these groups? You are still welcomed to the public dental clinics at their general public sessions. The Department of Health offers emergency dental services to all residents. Pain relief and extraction are also available.
Cost Of Dental Treatment in Hong Kong
As mentioned, only eligible groups and patients in need of emergency dental care may enjoy subsidized fees. Everyone else must pay out of pocket. This can be the difference between a free extraction and one costing HKD $1,190. Note that government dental clinics do not offer routine procedures. In other words, there is no dental checkup and cleaning.
Expect to pay around HKD $600 to HKD $2,500 for a consultation and examination at private clinics. Fillings also cost somewhere between HKD $300 to HKD $500. In addition, fluoride sealant and X-rays usually cost extra. As you can see, dental care costs can certainly add up.
Why Should I Secure Dental Insurance in Hong Kong?
Routine care is unavailable at public facilities, so it’s up to you to seek basic maintenance and treatment. You can do this through private clinics or non-governmental organizations. This can get pricey if you’re going for top-tier clinics. To avoid skyhigh out-of-pocket payments, secure a dental insurance plan. What’s more, you can avoid the long wait at public institutions.
What Does Dental Insurance in Hong Kong Cover?
Each dental insurance plan will provide varying levels of dental treatment in Hong Kong. At the very least, plans will cover routine dental procedures such as:
  • Consultations and examinations
  • Teeth Cleaning
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
Comprehensive coverage includes:
  • Orthodontic work
  • Treatment for gingivitis
What Does A Good Dental Insurance Plan Look Like?
Before purchasing dental insurance, there are several questions you must ask your insurer/broker, the first being what the benefits are and the premium cost. Employer-sponsored dental plans are also becoming increasingly popular. With that said, you should still review the coverage details for limits and exclusions.
Our friends at Pacific Prime know what’s best when it comes to helping you secure the right dental insurance plan. Get a free quote now with their online quotation tool! For free insurance advice, chat with their team of experienced advisors today.

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