Your Guide to Paternity Leave In Hong Kong

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Expectant parents have a lot to plan before the arrival of their little one. One topic that will come up as you prepare is: leave from work. You’re probably already aware of maternity leave details, but what about paternity leave? This article from our friends at Pacific Prime Hong Kong covers everything you need to know about paternity leave in Hong Kong.
Paternity Leave in Hong Kong 101
Since January 2019, soon-to-be dads in Hong Kong are entitled to five days statutory paternity leave - two more days than in the past. Even though five days is a legal requirement, some employers choose to offer more. Some of the most generous paternity leaves in Hong Kong are up to 14 days.
Eligibility Requirements for Hong Kong Paternity Leave
  • To be eligible for paternity leave pay, expectant fathers must: 
  • Be the child’s father
  • Have worked under a continuous contract for a minimum of 40 weeks before the start of paternity leave


Provide a birth certificate with their name cited as the child’s father to the employer within 12 months following the first day of paternity leave (or within six months after cessation of employment)
Note that some employers require fathers to submit a signed written statement stating that they are the child’s father, along with the name of the child’s mother, the expected due date, or the date of delivery if the child is already born.
When To Take Paternity Leave In Hong Kong
Paternity leave can be taken any time during the four weeks leading up to the expected delivery date or 10 weeks following the delivery date. Similarly, paternity leave can be taken on consecutive or non-consecutive days as well.
When to Give Paternity Leave Notice in Hong Kong

Paternity leave notice must be given to an employer at least three months before the expected date of delivery. If three months notice is not given to an employer, expectant fathers are required to notify the employer of the paternity leave date a minimum of five days before that date.

How Paternity Leave Pay Is Calculated
The daily rate of paternity leave pay is calculated at four-fifths of the daily average wages earned in the 12-month period before the day of paternity leave. Calculations for those employed between 40 weeks and 12 months are based on the shorter period.

Why Paternity Leave Is Important
While the International Labour Organization (ILO) doesn’t have specific recommendations for governments when it comes to paternity leave durations, it highlights research that paternity leave, father’s involvement in family responsibilities, and child development are closely related.
During the first days after birth, fathers on paternity leave can help care for their newborn and help out with family responsibilities. Studies show that when fathers take paternity leave, even if just for a few days, it has long-lasting benefits for both parent and child.
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