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Does health insurance cover alcohol-related injuries and accidents?
Parties and feasts await us near the end of the year. As celebrations and alcohol go hand in hand, it’s easy for us to overconsume alcohol. That said, how much is too much alcohol when it comes to filing for claims? Does health insurance cover alcohol-related injuries? Our friends at Pacific Prime Hong Kong will answer your questions.
Alcohol-related dangers/injuries

Before delving into health insurance (i.e. your backup plan for any accidents in life - including a celebration gone wrong), let’s take a look at this non-exhaustive list of alcohol-related dangers.

  • Drunk driving: Road accidents claim the lives of numerous people per year. In Hong Kong, you can be fined up to HKD $25,000 and imprisoned for 3 years.
  • Drunk harassment: Those under the influence may be more prone to acting inappropriately and sexually harassing others around them. 
  • Substance abuse: Besides the harmful effects of excessive alcohol consumption, it’s illegal to purchase, sell, hold, and/or take illicit drugs.
Does health insurance cover alcohol-related injuries?

Any traces of alcohol detected in your blood may be grounds for an insurer to deny the claims you’ve made under your health insurance. Still planning to celebrate/welcome the holidays with your choice of alcoholic beverage/booze in hand? Here are some things you need to know.
The insurer’s definition of intoxication

Sometimes, health insurance policies can use ambiguous wording. So, it’s best that you go over your insurance documents to find out how your insurer will determine intoxication levels when it comes to making a claim. They will usually refer to a doctor’s or a police report to measure how drunk you were when you had the accident. If your blood alcohol level is above the local legal limit, your claim may be rejected.

Health insurance alcohol exclusions

Note that some policies, ranging from international and travel to vehicle insurance, come with a clause that explicitly states that they will not cover any treatment for or arising from substance abuse. Naturally, these substances also include alcohol.

Driving under the influence

Driving while intoxicated also voids most insurance coverage. Anything that happens to you or others during this period will not be covered. Besides putting everyone around you in danger, you’ll also be facing serious financial risk. For instance, you will be liable for any property damage or injury while you’re intoxicated.


Protect your health with the best health insurance in Hong Kong

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