COVID-19 and mental health: 4 tips to help you cope

Posted by PSR_AXP 4 mths ago

It’s 2022 and the pandemic is still ongoing. From new variants to snap lockdowns and the never-ending cycle, it’s no wonder that mental health has come into the spotlight. Inspired by the Hong Kong government's
Mental Health Relief Scheme Self Help Guide, our friends at Pacific Prime Hong Kong offer 4 tips to help you cope.

1. Conquer your mind 

Your mind is your worst enemy. Ever catch yourself focusing on just one negative aspect (aka “mental filter” or “tunnel vision”, thinking about one extreme to the other (aka “black and white/all-or-nothing thinking”, setting very high standards, or assuming the worst possible outcome of any situation (aka “catastrophizing”)?

You’re not alone. But the good news is that there’s a way out. Tune into your thoughts - say through a mood journal, and ask yourself whether there’s any evidence behind what you’re thinking, and brainstorm helpful ways of thinking about it. Breathing and other self-soothing exercises can also help you when you’re feeling overwhelmed. 


2. Enjoy your free time
It’s easy to spend hours doing mindless things that drive up your stress and worry levels. Case in point: ‘doomscrolling’ or endlessly scrolling through your newsfeed when it's filled with bad news. So limit your intake of the news (and only check reliable sources) and shift focus to activities or tasks that are enjoyable or productive.
Connect with people
Even though you may not be able to meet as many people as you’d like in person, which has been a major factor in the mental health decline worldwide, you can connect with them via technology instead. Next time you’re feeling lonely, bored, or have time on hand, hop on a call with a loved one.
3. Boost your self-confidence
Is your inner critic telling you that you’re ‘useless’ or ‘dumb’? That’s no surprise because your inner critic is more prevalent during turbulent times. The end result is that you’ll feel down and lose confidence in yourself. Fortunately, there are many tools that can help you rebuild your self-confidence.
Think about what you’d say to someone who was in your position and you’ll quickly see your lack of compassion towards yourself. You can also think of someone who cares for you and imagine what they’d say about your strengths. Over time, you’ll realize that you’re worthy and keep the inner critic at bay. 
4. Keep fit and healthy
Did you know that physical and mental health are interlinked? That’s why your physical health usually deteriorates while you’re in quarantine or socially isolated. On the flip side, enhancing your physical health will also boost your mental health. So eat healthily, exercise regularly, sleep well, and avoid unhealthy behaviors like smoking or drinking.
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