Top 4 coworking spaces in Hong Kong

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Whether you are a resident living in Hong Kong or are visiting for a business trip and looking for shared working spaces, you are in luck. Hong Kong has beautiful coworking spaces. No matter what area you are staying, you are likely to find a coworking space within walking distance or a quick MTR ride. While some coworking spaces prize professionalism above all else, others are built for more socialization and creativity. If you're a traveler, it's a good idea to find a space near your business meetings and the places you want to visit after you log off to maximize your free time.
Our resourceful friends at Pacific Prime Hong Kong have put together a list of the top 5 coworking spaces in Hong Kong.
4. Spaces
Spaces is well-situated in a bustling location in Hong Kong and features five meeting rooms, around 200 office spaces, and plenty of flex space. Spaces Causeway Bay is ideal for frequent business travelers as it offers flexible coworking memberships and hot desks for 5 to 10 days per month. In addition, if you get a dedicated desk membership, you can access any of Spaces' 3000+ locations around the world for free.
3. The Work Project
Another coworking space in Causeway Bay, The Work Project, is a minimalist approach to interior design that creates a modern and professional ambience. The new-age coworking space offers daily refreshments and natural scents that stimulate your other senses. In addition, the Work Project gives out memberships suitable for locals and travelers.
2. The Executive Centre
The Executive Centre in Central Hong Kong is a sophisticated workspace chain. From marbled walls to luxury furniture, every inch of the property is designed to impress professionals from various backgrounds. This space is well-known for its amenities that range from fresh, professionally brewed coffee to limo rides for travelers.
1. Metro Workspace
Metro Workspace is located inside the heart of the business district of Central. The theme of the space is "Cafe Le Louvre," meaning that it is designed to give you a Paris vibe. Working here will transport you to the streets of the romantic city and the Louvre Museum itself. Other appealing facilities to travellers and locals are standing desks, community lunches, showers, free wine, and beer.
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