Looking for a place to stay for 12000HKD/month

Posted by jamesj 14 yrs ago

Me and my friend are moving back to HK on 8th April. We'll be hunting for a place to live on the island with a budget of 12000HKD. While we visit apartments we'll need to find an affordable hotel (probably for 7-10 days).

Does anyone have andy advice about looking for 2 bedroom accommodation at this price (size isn't as important as the condition of the apartment). Also, if anybody has any suggestions for hotels for around 500HKD/night because there are so many online and its difficult to tell the good ones form the not so great ones!



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axptguy38 14 yrs ago
I'd look for places by CityPlaza in Quarry Bay, for example Taikoo Shing. I know a guy who pays 17k for a nice three bedroom there so 12k should not be impossible for a 2 bed.

Hotel: Ibis North Point has small rooms but is cheap, clean, has a nice view and is by the MTR. Don't know if it goes quite as low as 500.

There's always Chung King Mansions, but I don't know which of the many places there to recommend.

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jamesj 14 yrs ago
Thanks for the advise. Seems HK is super expensive...

Can anyone recommend an estate agent I should use where they will show me good places within my budget (12k MAX) and not try to get stitch me up?

Also, anyone know of a nice clean hotel room 600/700 per night, until we find out where to live? Twin beds would be amazing..

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axptguy38 14 yrs ago
HK has high rents, yes. However it also has very low tax rates, cheap public transport, cheap clothing and cheap food.

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