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Posted by mta00jtl 12 yrs ago
Hi there,

I have lived in Hong Kong for 3 years and started off using Netvigator Broadband before switching to i-Cable last year.

Service with both has been terrible - I've just had an independent IT person run some tests on my supposed "high speed" connection and they've discovered that my bandwidth is being throttled.

I'm not after a super fast connection really. More important to me is connecting to international servers in the UK and US so I can watch - I used a VPN to do so to watch iPlayer etc. However, even on low quality, the bandwidth is too slow to play video without buffering.

I appreciate the routing from Hong Kong to Europe is bad but does anyone know a good ISP in Hong Kong which is reliable, has good customer service and an adequate overseas connection speed?

Any advice appreciated - not hearing great things on HKBN and don't really want to go back to Netvigator.



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mta00jtl 12 yrs ago
By the way, doing some checks with 3 and HKBN it seems my building/road doesn't have fixed line optical cables. This may limit the options available to me...

Just looking for a reliable overseas connection

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christof1979 11 yrs ago
just saw ur post, did u find an isp? pccw has always been sufficient for me, with next to none buffering, l mainly use usa or uk sites, but dont watch films, except youtube vids, l reckon it is ur hardware thats limiting ur broadband, use a lesser computer and u will get lesser performance

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Fenix2 11 yrs ago
James, please read my post:

Those retail ISPs are hit an miss....

I would just check that you router is not actually causing the problems.

Define adecuate...

I never use retail services internationally...

If you are with Netvigator PPPoE service what you can do is call non retail ISPs Netfront, Pacnet, OneBB etc... and ask them to let you login to their network and try it. However you are looking to pay at least HK$800 upwards... Don't get hung up by the sepped. a 4M from a corporate player will give you consitent performance... I recently got a 100Mbit GEPON line with Wharf for not a lot, not sure if it was 4K or 700. And get 25-60Mbit internationally out of it... WIthin HK about 70Mbit... They probably won't have coverage for retail.

I would try their 10Mbit LRE (Long Reach Ethernet), basically 2 wires to a switch in your building and then out over fiber to their local backbone.

FOr low cost I would try Netfront and ONeBB. Not th best throughputs but always works if you are buffering anything you have ap roblem.

IN my work, I use all: Whart, HGC, Verizon, WharfT&T, Netfront and Diyixian. Each one has their benefits.

For the professional you rbought on site, did the guy bring a Cisco (not Linksys) with him as using a PC is useless to do diagnostics.

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mta00jtl 11 yrs ago

Thanks for your message - actually the timing of your reply is pretty good as I'm coming up to the end of my contract with the i-Cable idiots and about to cancel the auto renew - therefore looking for other options.

As an update on my last message, I have had technicians from i-Cable out pretty often to try and fix my systems - there is something clearly wrong with either the cable to the building or the hardware in my apartment - speeds are still awful, overseas sites almost un-visitable and some webpages don't even load up pictures properly, especially when viewed through an iPad or iPhone.

Actually wrote a letter to the vice Chairman of i-Cable and Wheelock (building developer) - the last technician from i-Cable was really honest and said the reason my options are limited from my building is because i-Cable is linked to Wheelock via Wharf T&T - i.e. it's a monopoly meaning we have limited options. PCCW is restricted speed to my building at 6M and there is no fiber optic network - blocked by the property developer to force residents to use i-Cable!

I really don't know what to look at in terms of options - should I switch to a slower PCCW connection but perhaps have more stability? I don't really know the non-retail ISPs you mentioned but how would I go about getting some info. I basically have a month now to decide and find the best option. i simply want a consistent, stable connection that allows the viewing of BBC iPlayer type video (via a VPN I have separately) and allows stable consistent viewing of websites. Doesn't sound like much but when you have been with such a poor service for nearly 2 years it would be nice to have anything that works now!

the guy who ran some tests just did some basics from a computer to be honest as he was a mate. He was able to discover the throttling overseas and thinks the shared building connection and poor hardware could be to blame. He didn't really know but when I told i-Cable that I knew they were throttling my connection they offer to end my contract early! i.e. no denial!

Any advice would be appreciated - just looked at Netfront but don't really know what I'd be getting.


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Fenix2 11 yrs ago

Well why don't you call whraf and ask for their 10MBit corporate service?

"My traffic is throttled" malaki is not a good way to think about it... Firstly congestion is the cheapest.

Als 6M, if you have a good 6M what is the issue, pretty much every ISP in HK can service you there with the exception of HKBN... So, why don't you pick up the phone. And make sure you are don't fall in the mass irrationality of "If I've not sen their ad they are no good"

Also what bandwidth are you expecting?

You also don't tell us what you are connecting to. Is tills a cable modem with coax on the back or what have you got there.

From what I read you have choices and either you want to wallow in having poor access to iPlayer or you being unrealistic with what you are paying and what you are getting... Pay more and get on with life.

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