Custom Made Furniture

Posted by Catherine Gathani 12 yrs ago
Can anyone recommend anywhere apart from Art Deco that will custom make furniture (shelves, drawers) for a child's room?

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FamilyHombre 12 yrs ago
I live Art Deco very much personally, and have a bunk-bed, dresser and children's daybed from them. What is it that you don't like about them, or perhaps is there another style you have in mind?

Have you checked Horizon Plaza in Ap Lei Chau? I've seen some children's furniture stores there that had some decent stuff, though don't know if they custom make anything.

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kakositee 12 yrs ago
Kids by Red Cabinet. But they're also expensive (more so than Art Deco).

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stanley_family 12 yrs ago
I used a guy called Alan, he can be contacted on I believe he also made all the fittings for the children's shop Offspring in Repulse Bay

Many of my friends have used Raymon Chui- his work seems good too.

Raymond Chiu - 2756 3318 or 9197 3809

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FamilyHombre 12 yrs ago
Hey Telemundo, sounds like you got a great deal. Any chance you can post up some photos for us to see, like on or

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faralizalee 12 yrs ago
Can Telemondo pls give the address to the To Kwa Wan place .

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s11mas 11 yrs ago
Can anybody give me the address to this To Kwa Wan Place

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angeliateo 11 yrs ago
TKW is a road. so if u ask him for To Kwa Wan Do, he'll drop you off on the left side of the road, and u just walk up and down.

i had furniture done there - not too pleased with the 'flatness' of the design but quality was reasonable. Double the price of SZ and ZH BUT 1/10th of the stress of dealing with the mainlanders.

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priyapravin 11 yrs ago
What about the wood they use?Can we specify that?because i want something in antique finish to match my existing ikea stuff..wil they have it??

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rhm1 11 yrs ago
Where in Shenzhen for custom-made furniture?! Ideally, someone who speaks some English!! Thanks, R

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sasha_regs 10 yrs ago
How does the furniture from To Kwa Wan compare to ikea, in terms of quality? on par or better?

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solomani 8 yrs ago
This thread is pretty old but is the inforamtion still accurate? Looking to get some custom furntiure made as the Ikea stuff doesnt fit what we want exactly. Looking for recomendation.

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Tim T 6 yrs ago
This thread is a little old but a useful resource. I have been looking around recently at some custom furniture, these are some of the places I have come across.

Shatin mall (home Square)
A mall with a selection of furniture outlets, some offering the custom service.

Located along queens road west you will find a section of outlets that offer more asian traditional custom furniture

DSL Furniture, affordable custom designs.

In the Louhu area you will find a selection of malls dedicated to furniture, try starting at the Yizhan centre.

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