Keeping HK residency



Posted by Danielito 3 yrs ago
I got my Hong Kong Permanent Residency status 5 years ago. Now I might need to live outside Hong Kong. How do I keep the residency?


Klauner 3 yrs ago
You need to come back every 3 years, that's all you need to do.

kristof 3 yrs ago
Enter HK at least once every 3 years as previous poster mentioned above, that will maintain your permanent residence and right of abode. Now should you stay away for longer than 3 years, you will indeed lose your permanent residence but automatically gain the right to land, which gives you nearly the same rights (work, etc.).

Of course that's what the law is for now until China decides to interfere...

Runner 2 yrs ago
Does the three years rule apply to those born in Hong Kong but now living overseas?

RichardNewburn 2 yrs ago
Runner, depends on your status. A family friend was born here and moved away as a child, she came back for a long term stay and regained some rights. Best to check with immigration Department for the ruling on your personal situation

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