Moving to HK - pollution

Posted by HBDOEZ 3 yrs ago
My company has offered me a position in HK which would be really good for my career. Unfortunately, my wife has strong hesitations due to what she reads on the internet RE pollution and it’s potential effect on our two young children.

I lived in Macau 12 years ago when I was a student and beside the general “fogginess” never noticed anything.

Could you tell ne What It is like, especially away from Central (we would consider Stanley to live)?
Many thanks!

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martone 3 yrs ago
I don't feel a lot of pollution over here! But I think pollution you can't really smell/ feel as you get used to it...

I can understand the concerns of your wife and I can't take them. Maybe someone else has facts about that matter.


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neil5m 3 yrs ago

Pollution will be an issue if your children have a history of illness or breathing issues. Otherwise not so. Stanley is a much cleaner and quieter area and is well protected by the hill range. Go on google and type AQHI Hong Kong (Air quality health index). You'll get an idea of the type of pollution in different areas. If you are paid well and can get your kids in a good school here, pollution isn't an issue. Hong Kong will be a big boost for your career and a wonderful experience for your kids. Take the opportunity!


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OffThePeak 3 yrs ago
I met with Jim Rogers over 10 years ago.
He was trying to decide between HK and Singapore - and had the same concern.

He opted for Singapore

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TJones491 3 yrs ago
I have this same question. What do you suggest for people with asthma?

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