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Posted by mortal_kinetics 3 yrs ago
Hi there,

Does anyone know a real visa consultant for a mainland national who wants to live in Hong Kong and start their own business, but doesn't have millions in the bank? Like someone who can actually help with the case, not just regurgitate the standard immigration line or fill in some forms and forward them. Someone who can actually navigate the restrictions.


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SDBHK 3 yrs ago
The problem you face is that a mainland resident can not readily secure a residence visa in Hong Kong on the basis of establishing and operating his own company. He can use the Admission Scheme for Mainland Talents and Professionals if he is a well qualified (educationally and work experience-wise) so long as he has a job offer from well established company in Hong Kong, the local labour market was tested for a local candidate first and the compensation is set at Hong Kong market rates. You can learn more about this programme here:

If anyone tells you they can easily get him an entrepreneur visa they are just after your money!

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