Advice Needed ! Please help

Posted by gizmocy 3 yrs ago
I have recently let my friend use my bank account , my friend ask a friend to borrow money , and eventually he uses the account for some online buying n selling stuff , and now I am in a trouble with the police and charged for dishonesty in selling , my friend did send the parcel to the other party , but he didn't send all the stuff , and the other party bank in to my account. We can't find the friend that actually does the selling and buying. What should I do now , I needed to go back to the police station on 27/12, without knowing what will happen next. I paid my bail money previously.

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philohk 3 yrs ago
Seriously? Get a lawyer. You shouldn't have been talking to the police without one anyway. There are many listed at that offer free consultations.

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