Please help me its URGENT ....

Posted by azamsarah96055 3 yrs ago
Im a hk born permenant resident.Just a year ago i married my wife who is a asylum seeker and due to a loan i didnt process for dependent visa for her. But unfortunately her mom is having serious health problem so shes is canceling her claim and going back to Indonesia. I just wanted to know if she gets blacklisted, can i still apply dependent visa for her later after i have no loans. I have a stable job and apartment its just the loan problem i couldnt process. Please help me and let me know if I apply dependent visa even though shes blacklisted.

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Klauner 3 yrs ago
Of course she will be black listed as with her return at free will she confirms that her previous asylum claim was false and a lie. Lying to an HK Officials in itself is a crime already.

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azamsarah96055 3 yrs ago
Its just a sudden her mom health issue or else she wont be going back. But i just talked to immigration officer, he said i can still process Dependent Visa from Hong Kong for her as Im her husband.

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Klauner 3 yrs ago
Of course you can process, you even can apply for her being the next Director of Immigration.

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scorpio01 3 yrs ago
PM me, i will guide you towards some sources who can provide her pro-bono aid.

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Jamimg 3 yrs ago
hi my friend
you can apply visa for her after your loan problem finish .also she will get a visa and will come back .donot worry.i had the same have to get a lawyer for this situation and he will do all the process.
please believe me it is ok to get your wife back.but need minimum two years
one more thing, her visa totally depends on your condition, not her; your financial condition, police report, welfare report and your salary prove with your loving record with her
moreover , meet a layer and take a advice
have a happy life

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