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Posted by Chris3 2 yrs ago
Hi All,
We plan to move to HK soon and wondering if anyone can give us some tips as to the pros/cons of English stream local schools/local private schools and what are the not-so-expensive but reputed international schools?
Where is the best/economical areas to live with three kids under 9years of age?



Ed 2 yrs ago
All of these relocation companies will have advisers who can assist with schooling in Hong Kong

RichardNewburn 2 yrs ago
if you check out south china morning post ( they had an education supplement.
A number of International schools have debentures, some don't.

You have to look at the curriculum as well. Canadian International School teaches IB, where Delia School of Canada teaches Ontario and Alberta Curriculum.

Other schools use either IB or their own countries curriculum

Chris3 2 yrs ago
Hi Ed and Richard,
Thank you for your replies, appreciate it. Will check out the site and the moving companies.


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