Working as an occupational therapist in HK (non cantonese speaker)

Posted by alpagas 2 yrs ago
Hi All!

My wife and I have planned to move from France to Hong Kong this summer.

We try to evaluate if she would have the opportunity to work in Hong Kong as a registered occupational therapist.

We found information on Occupational Therapists Board of HK website. We determine that she should be registered because she fullfills requirements.

- WFOT recognition studies
- bilingual in English / French
- more than 13 year professional experience. (4 in switzerland)
- HPC registered in UK
- RedCross registered in Switzerland

However, she doesn't speak cantonese.

Do you think it's realistic to plan that she could work ?

We saw that 15 % of hong kong registered occupational therapists are not chinese natives.

Any occupational therapist here, maybe ? :-) Any Feedback ?

Thanks a lot

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