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Posted by Rajesh200578 2 yrs ago
Hi, i am HK PR and been in HK since 22 years, i recently lost my job in November last year (i was working with that company for more than 5 years) and my mother's dependent visa papers are with Immigration i guess due to this reason they are asking me lot of extra papers like my spouse's past 3 months income proof etc. My financial position is sound and i own a property in HK ( on mortgage with bank) but it has appreciated a lot, my mortage is less than half of my property value so that's also my security. My wifes income is HKD 15000 PM
Can the immigration still reject my mother's application?? I submitted the application in end November and it is still not through.


white-linen 2 yrs ago
Immigration wants to know that you can support your mother. This means liquid assets. A property, with a mortgage that the bank owns, is not a liquid asset. You can't pay bills with a bank-owned apartment. You can't paid for medical treatment for your mother with a bank-owned apartment. Your wife's salary doesn't count as she's not sponsoring the visa.

white-linen 2 yrs ago
Get a well-paid job and reapply.

Rajesh200578 24 mths ago
This is in reply to valuable comments received from WHITE-LINEN regarding my query about dependent visa for my mother. I am pleased to inform that I got the visa for her. I would request to admins of this site that we are posting genunine queries and expect straight forward helpful answers and not sarcastic and humiliating comments. Some people like to just do that without even understanding the query properly.The admins should take not and bar such people from responding.

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