How to migrate to Australia, and where to go?

Posted by Baap 3 yrs ago
I am tired of living in Hong Kong. I would like to migrate to Australia, and I think my best bet is to apply for an investor visa. Does anybody know a consultant who can help me apply for such a visa, and who isn't a rip-off?

Also, where to migrate to? I think Sydney is too expensive, Brisbane is cheaper but to hot (I like cool, but not too cold, like Tasmania). Maybe Melbourne, Adelaide (cheapest houses), or Perth?

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zvezdan 2 yrs ago
I highly recommend considering to go somewhere other than Sydney. Perth is a lovely place, with great climate, and closer to Singapore, and therefore to rest of Asia and Europe. Investor visa might not be the best options? People who apply for this kind of visa hold substantial amounts of funding, and for them agent fees are not that critical. More critical issue is where that money is going to be invested. Because this is kind of visa for wealthy applicants, involves fair bit of critical knowledge and strategic advising, agents would charge considerable amounts to handle the cases. An alternative visa options might be skilled visa or business visas, depending on your personal circumstance.

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matches 2 yrs ago
I might be able to help.

Im an expat working with a qualified Adelaide based Imigration lawyer and a developer to help secure investment visas. Bear in mind it requires substantial investment and quite detailed information including proof of funds etc.

Please pm me if you'd like to know more and I'm happy to meet up with you anytime to discuss.

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