Online Florist Scams in Hong Kong

Posted by wakeye 2 yrs ago
Had a very unhappy incident with missing flowers on Vday.

Boyfriend made his purchase with a huge local online florist (no physical address or phone number on website though) with lots of positive testimonials.

He ordered the flowers to be delivered 13/2, and I never received them. Florist claimed that there was an attempted delivery which was not successful. Said they’d try again on 14/2.

Waited all day on 14/2 and still no flowers. This time the florist claims they were delivered but refuses to produce a delivery note or any written proof. They said their courier delivered it and basically insinuated that I had received them. Attitude was flippant until my boyfriend forwarded me the email chain and I wrote back. Gave excuses for not being able to deal with billing and delivery checking issues till 23/2 but somehow able to deliver a double bouquet (but no refund) now (if I agreed), even if I “might have received the original bouquet”.

Very pissed indeed. There was no way they could have attempted delivery without me knowing, as I was waiting both days for the flowers and my room was right next to reception. Of course I checked.

Has this happened to you and what can we do about this? Just want a refund and nothing else to do with this shop.

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scorpio01 2 yrs ago
welcome to hong kong
customer service comes to hong kong to die.

not much you can do in this case.

try to order from if you use contact lens to see how customer service should be.

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