Busking in HK

Posted by foxmulder 3 yrs ago
Is busking legal in HK? I see many people busking - especially in Mongkok - Is a licence required? Any relevant ordinances?


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PsychopathTacoSauce 3 yrs ago
No license is required for busking in Hong Kong. But upon receiving complaints, the police or officers from FEHD can act on buskers accordingly using the Noise Control Ordinance and other laws.

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Gucci 2 yrs ago
Busking is illegal in HK as buskers are usually here on tourist visas and tourists cannot 'earn' or accept money without a work visa.
Previously just a few genuine buskers, including HKers, but now the Russians, Ukrainians and other Eastern Europeans have found an easy way to make money and live free in tents on beaches etc. A few I spoke to who Ive seen around for months and sometimes years, are just plain beggars, as thehre not going anywhere :)
Dont quite understand why IMMD grants them unlimited back-to-back TOURIST visas when thehre not tourists but #DisguisedEconomicRefugees.

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MBR111 2 yrs ago
There is a right to public performance with restrictions on obstruction and noise which are common sense. I.e. don't make a nuisance of your self. If you are seeking to be "paid" for your public performance that is different and Gucci is right in that certainly people with out a permanent ID will be breaking the law if tehy accept payment without an applicable visa that allows for work.

But if you are publicly performing within the guidelines (which I think are easily found on the FEHD website) then you can't be moved on - even though the police and FEHD officers may make their presence known and hang around. They will usually ask for ID and a leading question about accepting payment or selling something.

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samsonight 2 yrs ago
It's a pity there's not greater enforcement of buskers and other street workers. There's nothing worse than trying to get through crowded places only to find some folks blocking the way. Go ahead and busk, but don't be a nuisance.

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josephisyou 2 yrs ago
I've seen lots of buskers in Mong kong and Tsim sha Tsui. ignoring how loud and annoying they are, I found many love those buskers and seems like the police have never arrested one just becoz they're busking. I think you're good to go. just be good

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