Looking for handyman to drill some holes



Posted by davidsch 22 mths ago
Hello all! I'm moving into a new apartment and need someone to drill holes into my wall to fix some roller blinds. Anyone knows someone reliable and cheap on the Kowloon side?

Thanks a lot in advance!


JennyTalia 22 mths ago
Surely the blinds supplier will have the resources to install - as well as "supply" - such items!

Generally, it's all part of the "service".

mlew9 22 mths ago
You can rent a drill from some hardware store. It is easier than hiring somebody for a small job like that. You may be talking about buying from IKEA.

bananaq 22 mths ago
Let me know if you still need help. I'm a handyman.

dipc2448 20 mths ago
i am available monday, what dimention size to do? call my number 57911652

dipc2448 20 mths ago
Pls call me im available 57911652

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