Posted by Taruntandon 2 yrs ago
Motorcycle advice
A big hello to all the lovely people out here.
I need some much needed advice . I need a motorcycle to commute in Hong Kong .
I have zeroed down to Yamaha XJ-6N and Honda CB 400. I have seen the bikes at two separate dealerships.
The Yamaha XJ-6N is a 2010 model first registered in 2011(single owner) with 47000 KMS on the clock.
The dealer refused to give a test ride. The price that the dealer has quoted is HKD43000.
It's a repainted bike with clean lines.The CB400 is a 2013 model with 30000 KMS on clock ( single owner )
The dealer is quoting 47K for it including transfer of ownership, license and insurance.
Sorry the the extensive detailing but I would like your opinion and advice please
1) Which is a better bike in terms of riding pleasure, handling , braking efficiency ?
2) Which one is easier to maintain ?
3) Where can I get exhausts for both the bikes?
4) Where can I get disc lock or engine immobilser ?
5) My daily commute is 16 KMS.
6) Which bike is better in handling the Twisties ?
7) Overall ownership experience
I really appreciate your time !
Thanks in advance !

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samsonight 2 yrs ago
CB400 is the most reliable bike to buy for HK. It's easy to service and parts are readily available. All bikes are fun to ride.

Be careful; a rider's biggest threat is himself. The majority of accidents involve the rider losing control...

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