Working in smoggy Asian cities

Posted by catherinelai 15 mths ago
Hi everyone,

I am a reporter looking to speak to professionals who have either lived in smoggy cities in Asia like Beijing, Bangkok, Delhi, etc., or who passed up an opportunity to work in one of these places because of the air pollution.

I would love to hear your story - what was it like to live somewhere with dirty air? How did it affect you and your family? Do you think the benefits to your career outweighed the negatives?

For those who passed up an opportunity - do you think it was the right decision? Would you ever choose to live in a heavily polluted place if the right job came up?

Please contact me on Whatsapp at +852 5111 0313 if you'd like to share your story. Thanks in advance!


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johnlithgow23 15 mths ago
Been in Hong Kong for a year now and the air just gets worse and worse. I miss clean fresh Australian air. The air in HK is toxic. It smells like exhaust fumes and filthy sewerage 24/7. My family and I have developed a cough. We are constantly sneezing and hacking up god knows what from our throats. It's dreadful. Even inside our apartments is foul. We had to buy 2 air filter systems because we could not bare the dust and pollution coming inside our home. We sick of it! We are eager to return home and breathe clean healthy air once again.

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Ed 14 mths ago
Keep in mind ... most people spend most of the day inside (office or home) ... not much we can do about the air outside... but I have found that using air purifiers in the office and at home massively improve the air quality...

If anyone is looking for a deal... there are quite a few expats leaving Hong Kong who are selling air purifiers in our Hong Kong Classifieds

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