UK driving licence expired, but need to drive in UK!

Posted by wcman 5 yrs ago
I had a UK driving license but it expired like 10 years ago.

Now I am living in HK but find myself needing to go back to the UK for 2 weeks in July and I need to drive.

It looks like I can't because if I take a test here, I will be on a learners license for a year, then once the year is up, on a full driver's license then international license, which misses what I want to do.

I'm wondering if anyone has a solution because it's annoying the heck out of me.


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Ed 5 yrs ago
Don't quote me on this ... but I think you might be able to present an expired UK license and get a HK license....

I seem to recall I did that with my Canadian license years ago....

Give the Hong Kong Transportation Department a call and see if they have a way forward for you:

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