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Posted by chunster 13 mths ago
So I am renovating my flat and am thinking of getting all new electrical appliances and its all adding up! So I’m looking online to see where I can get a good deal etc and come across the likes of,, usave, just to name a few.
I went to hkele in MK and the prices advertised online and at their MK store was just a joke, online they had the latest products for like 30-40% off Fortress/ High St prices. I went all the way to MK and spent about 2 mins in their “shop” and was just a waste of time.

Then I tried another one of these places (buyhome) in Shatin (this place was right on top of a hill!) and I get there, from first glance it is just like a regular photo shop that sells tacky cameras, CD players and memory sticks etc (and NO white, electrical appliances on display!). There is a guy watching TV behind the counter with the volume blasting and just laughing his head off etc.
I asked him if their place was buyhome and he said yes, what do I want etc. Long story short, the guy was rude and they acted like a front for the online store. I really wanted to see and try out the appliances before buying but left frustrated and empty handed. These places should be banned and are an absolute joke!

My question is a are all these places rip off merchants? And if there are any legitimate electrical outlets out there that offer a good deal?

Pls help and advise or can PM me thx!

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johnlithgow23 12 mths ago
Simple answer is DON'T BUY FROM HK.
Save money and shop online. Many Australian, UK and USA stores ship internationally.
For example... Cheapest Kettle at Fortress is HK$149 or you could be smart and buy one from K-mart for HK$16.
The Hong Kong government controls the prices of all kinds of electronics items. You won't find a Kettle for that price here. You just won't.
Everything at Fortress and Broadway is so ridiculously expensive. It makes me sick. People actually pay those prices and think it's normal...? It's an absolute SCAM.

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Ed 2 mths ago
Another option is to buy your your appliances second hand as there are loads of expats coming and going from Hong Kong (and buying then selling high quality appliances at huge discounts) in the AsiaXPAT Classifieds 

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