How useful is a small terrace in HK apartment?

Posted by noimporta 16 mths ago
Hi everyone,

Need an urgent advice:
I am choosing between two apartments in the same neighborhood:
i) a small older studio with a terrace (terrace is small but a table and 4 chairs would comfortably fit there) on the 2nd floor
ii) a 2 room (still small, as the rooms are tiny) apartment without a terrace slightly newer apartment

Which one would you pick?

If it were Barcelona I'd pick the terrace one almost without thinking, as terrace in Barcelona is a must. But in HK i have no idea if a terrace is used (i assume here you can't do a BBQ on a terrace, unlike Barcelona). Anyways, any tips are welcome.

Thanks in advance,

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A0lan 16 mths ago
Years ago I had a roof top terrace with a BBQ. I loved it. Used the BBQ regularly. If you are in a walk-up you can probably get away with a BBQ otherwise you may not be able to use one if you have many floors above you.

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Ed 16 mths ago
The agent should be able to advise if a BBQ is allowed on the terrace

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chunster 16 mths ago
i would say a terrace in hk is basically useless, all the terraces ive seen are all next to windows of your close knit 360 degrees neighbours and not really private at all, also you get the odd friendly neighbour that throw presents from height onto your terrace so you end up being a full time bin man

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johnlithgow23 16 mths ago
Not private at all. Awful smells outside so why would you want to sit in that environment? Yuck. Toxic fumes and chemicals pollute the air. Would rather be inside with the air filter on full blast.

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