Visa run to Macau

Posted by asongh 16 mths ago
My citizenship is South Korean and I hold South Korean passport.
I stayed in HK since January 2019; now it is April, and I have three weeks until expiration of my tourism visa.

I would like to extend this visa until May 2019.

Is it possible to take a day trip to Macau and come back to HK, and get another 90 days?

I searched on the websites and some people do it, and others do via Macau-Mainland China-HK.

But I am on my budget so I cannot be extravagant for traveling two different systems.

What can I do?


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foxmulder 16 mths ago
I am from the UK and now have a work visa, but, prior to that, I would do a Macau run: get there late, return after midnight.

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keegan0118 15 mths ago
I arrived in HK December of 2017, due to my arrival date exceeding my dependent visa activation period and my wife not having her US birth certificate I had to take trips to Macau . How many times they will keep approving visitor status is completely up to the immigration office you encounter. I renewed mine X3 before I finally received my current dependent visa. I have heard of both situations where the visitor status was both approved or denied in less/more attempts. Working in an expat furniture store a customer recently told me of a great trick to avoid actually having to "go" to Macau. At the Macau ferry terminal in Central you can go through HK immigration then just past the gates there is a fire exit. Proceed through the fire exit and apparently there is a hallway that goes up and around and takes you to the immigration return entrance, thus saving you the time, money and trouble of having to ferry to Macau. I wish I had known, hope this helps!

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keegan0118 15 mths ago
* it does not matter how long or when you re-enter HK from Macau

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