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Posted by intelldudes 16 mths ago
Some hedge fund managers are ROs and licensed firms by SFC, however they use non-licensed firms for dealings, it is a criminal offense. Investors need to take super high risk when they dealt with the ROs of licensed firms but they split the investment to non-licensed firms. The ROs used their heads and transferred the investors' fund illegally.

You need to check out CLEARLY those ROs with licensed firms and/or non-licensed firms on the agreements that do not allow the ROs to transfer the investment fund from licensed firms to non-licensed firms otherwise investors would have huge loss. If they transferred the investment fund from the licensed firms to non-licensed firms then you need to report it to SFC, HK Police or ICAC.

We found out some mainland Chinese use their little brains in Hong Kong. If you found out they are ROs who use non-licensed firms to propose anything in finance, REPORT IT TO THE POLICE or ICAC with their details. They do not allow to do this under the regulations of SFC and the law of Hong Kong. Otherwise there will be more and more investors to becoming the victims.

Recently we found out a mainland Chinese hedge fund manager is doing this, it is being investigated. He was a speaker in hedge fund public event. He arranged this with a woman (a non-licensed person and a non-licensed asset management firm} who claims that she is in the position of Head of Risk Management and Compliance at xxx xxxx asset management. We found her profile on social media platform.

She guaranteed from San Francisco State University ! I considered they are mainland Chinese who went to the States and studied then started their career in Hong Kong. They used their little heads scamming investors! If they truly are professionals in finance then they know they should not do it.

There is an awarded criminal law firm dealing with the mainland Chinese hedge fund manager ! It is a joke, the lawyers do not even know that it is a criminal offence when I asked them ' Is it a criminal offence ?" The lawyers sent their rates HKD 3500 / per hour, a supervising lawyer - HKD 6000 / per hour to research then they could answer ! To be honest, when you asked any consultants and lawyers even a famous Hong Kong's law firm which could answer 'It is a criminal offence.' without charging the fees. Just remember people could sue and complain the lawyers' professional conducts in Hong Kong.

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