Shipping from HK to Toronto



Posted by Maymagerine 7 mths ago
Would anybody have advise on which company to use for shipping? I have only about 9 boxes of clothes and books. Thanks!


Ed 7 mths ago
You can request multiple moving quotes on this Hong Kong Moving Site

Ed 4 mths ago
Try Mail Boxes etc  - they specialize in small moves 

MailMatters 3 mths ago
I'm a Canadian living in Hong Kong, and am starting up a business to arrange shipping.

I'm leveraging many years of experience in casual trading online, dealing in books, vintage LPs and postage stamps for collectors.

I could arrange packing and posting for less than freight forwarding companies would charge. Send me a message to discuss.

chris_in_hk 3 mths ago
Mailmatters, could you message me please because I can't seem to message you.


Ed 3 mths ago
Try MBE - they specialize in small moves

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