Is it still advisable to give birth in HK with the protests worsening? Im 32 weeks pregnant.

Posted by ChanL 10 mths ago
Hi, I'm 22 weeks pregnant, my EOD is in mid Dec 2019 and have make plans to give birth in HK from the start. But as the condition in HK with the protest getting worst, we are worried about safety, worried about getting to the hospital while the protest is going on. Is it still safe to give birth in HK? We are not sure what is going to happen. Can anyone advice?

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highdesertnow 9 mths ago
If I were you being a mother myself I would definitely move to another country. Of course considering you have the financial ability to move to another country. I would like to enjoy my pregnancy without any negative news that will affect the growth of my baby.

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neil5m 9 mths ago
Hi Chanl, dont worry too much about the protests. They move from neighbourhood to neighbourhood. Even if they were still on, you could always call an ambulance if no transport were available. Not sure where you live, but have a plan with a backup (could be a friend with a car). Having a plan will put you at ease.

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hellokty 9 mths ago
No worries. I think it will be fine. Just stay positive and as neil5m suggested, have a backup plan will do.

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josephwoodard 7 mths ago
Hi, I know it's too late to reply to this post, but I hope you were able to get all the support you needed.

If anyone is in a similarly difficult situation and sees this post--my wife and I will do anything we can to help you with trouble related to the unrest in Hong Kong. Just reply here and I'll give you my contact info.

I still believe in the future of Hong Kong. Take care, and don't be afraid.

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