Plumber in Tung Chung

Posted by momopopo 8 mths ago
We just moved to Caribbean Coast less than a month ago. The kitchen and bathroom has this really horrible sewage smell. We have tried everything to rid of the smell but it's not working.

Need advice from a plumber before I call my landlord. Can anybody recommend a good plumber who can speak English?

Thank you very much.

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Boundaries 8 mths ago

You may try Mr. Chan - he's been around TC as a handy man and is well know among the residents.

Cell # 9343 3718

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Whitemischief 8 mths ago
Have you checked the floor drain, it has a trap, like the basin or bathtub, if the water in the trap evaporates, you get a backdraft of "delightful" sewer smells, from the bowels of the building. To resolve this, you can add a cup of water to reinstate the trap. This may be the cause of your problem, also a little baby oil added to the water also creates a seal on top od the water in the trap, to avoid future evaporation.

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