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Posted by Diego 4 mths ago
I am thinking of parking my park in the street in front of my building instead of parking in my building car park (HK$6,000 per month!!!).
Once you are given a parking ticket, can the police add another one to it the same day?
Or does it stop at one?


londongrime 4 mths ago

dipak128 3 mths ago
10th May 2019 – (Hong Kong) Police have recently amended their internal guidelines to allow traffic summons to be issued every 30 minutes instead of 2 hours as before. If you park illegally at the no-parking zone for 2 hours, you may be fined for HK$1,280 (HK$320 per parking ticket). In the past, there was a cap of 4 parking tickets issued per vehicle. After the new amendment, car owner may receive unlimited number of parking tickets within a single day.

The new amendment will also allow police officers to exercise their discretion to tow away a vehicle which obstructs traffic after 2 parking tickets are issued.

Police will not announce to the public the commencement of the new guidelines. They will take effect immediately when the amendments are completed.

bananaq 3 mths ago
the best way is not to own a car in hk.

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