Posted by francis_3 9 mths ago

I'm a permanent resident of HK and my family is in the Philippines. They already have HK ID's as my dependents. My children are studying in the Philippines and also my wife is working there. They only come here in HK during summer or Christmas breaks when there are long vacations in the Philippines.

My question is, can I apply them their permanent residency in HK even they are in the Philippines? They already exceeded their 7 years visas. Is there any forms that need to fill up if I can apply them even their absence here in HK? I heard that all of them should be here to stay in order for immigration to grant them their residency. Your advise is very much appreciated.

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Ed 9 mths ago
My wife is a New Zealand permanent resident but maintains a dependent HK ID card.   She has to physically be in HK to extend that status attending the HK immigration department (in fact she just did that last week).   She is up for a permanent ID card in November and was informed that she must physically be in HK to do that.
You can try calling the HK immigration department for more info. 

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bananaq 9 mths ago
yes they come to hk to apply for PR but make sure that their visas was continuously extended for 7 years without break or else you start again from year 1.

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