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Posted by zzebra 3 mths ago

Does anyone have a good recommendation for tailored making a lampshade at a reasonable price?

I've a floor lamp with a busted lampshade (the lampshade's fibre is torn, but the metal lampshade frame is in tact), hence want to find a shop to refit the metal lampshade frame with new lampshade fibre material. No need for silk or any fancy fibre, just basic black fibre for the shade.

Many thanks


leawinwood 3 mths ago
Try Henry Lampshades in Yau Ma Tei
You need to make an appointment. He does silk, cotton, linen shades. I just had an antique bronze lamp restored (similar situation, the shade was broken) and he did a great job. Think I paid $600

If that's too pricey then good old IKEA might have a shade that fits (they didn't in my case). Good luck!

Ed 3 mths ago
zzebra 3 mths ago
Thanks this is very helpful! I will give him a ring.

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