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Posted by matchalava 3 mths ago
Does anyone know where I can check out or buy an espresso grinder? It would be great if you know of any physical store, but I do realize that most stores that carry coffee equipment are online-based so if you have recommendations for those that would be great too. Thanks!


Ed 3 mths ago
Check out Pacific Coffee - I think they sell gear in the coffee shops.

Ed 3 mths ago
Hazel N Hershey sell hand coffee grinders and are located on Peel St in Central.
If all else fails I suggest contacting this company - BaristaHK - they have barista courses in Hong Kong and sell coffee accessories. 

bananaq 3 mths ago
you can check the Hario coffee grinder. their is a shop in hollywood plaza beside fortress selling the Hario stuffs.

QvoVadis 58 days ago
I've got one that am just about to post for sale.
Ariete coffee bean and spice grinder. $140

Ed 57 days ago
Check our classifieds 

fliedice 18 days ago
This may come a bit late. Bt may help others in the future..

There are coffee grinders and there are coffee grinders.
You need to know what you want before you see or buy.

Firstly there are ones that have blade in it and it chops the beans into bits. It can also be used for hacking into bits spices.
If you care about taste - both in spices, cofefe (lol) or anything food - you want to stay away from these.
These are blade grinders

Next is the Burr Grinders. When you want the best coffee. You want the beans to be mashed down to release the full flavour and oil from the coffee. The burr grinder does this by mashing the beans between two teeth made of metal. Then there are some different Burr grinders, etc.
The Grinder is one of the 5 or 6 key steps to coffee nirvana. A serious coffee aficionado may buy at least a Eureka Mignon grinder. Then move sideways or upwards.  There are handheld ones that does similar actions too.

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