I am looking for a lawyer to chase after my supplier from China

Posted by David1314 8 mths ago
I am looking for a lawyer to chase after my supplier from China, they took my money and didn't ship my order!

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bananaq 8 mths ago
I'm afraid the lawyer will do the same

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broussymark 8 mths ago
Where is your supplier located ? Which payment method have you used ?

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whung 7 mths ago
lawyer will be useless. go and see the supplier! I only pay when i see good loaded in the container ready to go. and pay and watch the container leaves. usually they get 30-35% of total before. and that is only on custom. if it is inventory, it is on COD.

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samsonight 7 mths ago
If your supplier has a HK-registered entity or you paid money into a HK account, you can approach the HK police. Go to Central station and report directly to the commercial crime bureau. You can also ask the HKTTDC which has free legal advice for HK companies.
Basically, if you are a Hong Kong SME and have been duped, there is a lot of support available.

I also echo the earlier remarks of visiting the supplier. I would go unannounced and with a friend. Be sure to let someone know where you are going.

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icemanlive 2 mths ago
Simply disclose their name and disputed with evidence to the net in Chinese to warn others.

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