Moving Costs - Walk-up?



Posted by Vsnewman 3 mths ago

Does anyone know how much moving costs are within HK island, especially for walk ups? I’m looking at two apartments just a couple streets away from where I currently live and am trying to figure out how much more I would have to spend if I choose the (high-floor) walkup.

I don’t even have a baseline for typical moving costs, so any guidance on would be much appreciated! One of the flats I’m looking at comes furnished, so I’d only be moving non-furniture items. The other one I would need to pay for my furniture to be moved as well.

Thank you so much!


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Ed 3 mths ago
Touch base with some of these HK moving companies for estimates on the costs 

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carlos44 55 days ago
Hello Virginia,

ATM i am also looking for a moving company, may i know how did you finally manage it?

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chunster 54 days ago
Touch base with some of these HK moving companies for estimates on the costs - no you dont say sherlock. anyways when i moved abt 2years ago from a 4/f walk up in yl to a g/f village house in yl, cost me abt 3.5k all in. and i moved basically the whole flat: 3X cupboards, 2x ikea wardrobes, abt 30-40boxes, med fridge, no washer, no sofa, no bed, no tv. i think i got a good deal. before the cny, i move from the g/f village house to a flat with elevator in yl with the same amount of stuff for 2.2k all in

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