Civil Service Pay Adjustment - When?



Posted by dtyne 9 days ago
Hello to any person, like me, who is on a HK Civil Service salary. Would like to know if anyone has any idea about when we will receive our back pay from the agreed pay increase last year? It's been many months....

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Ed 7 days ago
This SCMP article indicates that the pay rise won't happen until October at the earliest (blaming it on the protester's damaging Legco)   Obviously October is long gone - I can't seem to find anything else online about this issue.

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dtyne 7 days ago
Yes ED, it's difficult to find any word anywhere. I vaguely remember the last one that we got was around the end of Feb or Mar. Maybe April. It's very annoying as they're sitting on all our $s and it's earning them the %. It is only a matter of a few signatures and the software/AI/algorithm will probably take care of the rest.

Thanks anyway, ED.

I'll post if I hear anything.

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jessypurna 6 days ago
I am also waiting for back pay. There is no bill allowed to pass due to political turmoil in HK. The people doesn't want to increase salary for Civil servants. Coming September have Legco election. Still not sure even Legco finished there is no sign to salary increment.

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dtyne 20 hrs ago
This is a link to the Legco Finance Committee Schedule for meetings.
The next one is on 21 Feb. The last 3 were cancelled. There are 66 members of the committee & their names can be found here

I have no idea if a simple majority is required or what.

Please call them & enquire, otherwise we may never get the money legally owed to us.

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