Considering moving back to the uk, should we?



Posted by andytse 45 days ago
I need some advice... I’m chinese, originally born in HK and grew up and lived in the uk till when I was 30 and returned to HK with my family. Before leaving the uk, I was a project manager working in the building industry till I was made redundant back in 2008.
The company laid off 50% of its staff, myself being one of them. What really made it worst was the fact that there were only 3 PM’s in the entire office, and they choose to lay off. Was it because I was chinese, not english, I don’t know, but this has been on my mind ever since. I never felt as a uk citizen since, even though being a full uk passport holder.
So when my girls were 3 and 1, and with the booming Chinese economy and the fact that I always felt not knowing chinese myself, we decided to move back to HK so the girls can grow up and learn chinese and also learn that they are chinese. Anyway, back to my current dilemma, when we left, we actually decided that it was for only 10 years, that’s August 2020.
I currently have a good job here in HK, with a good package and well respected within the industry. But is it a good time or in fact just a good idea to keep to my original plan of returning to the uk?
Is the economy in the uk good, especially the building industry, should I give my my current post in HK, even though the pay is almost similar or slightly more when compared to the uk with an equivalent post, should I do it for my girls so they can get a uk education?
So many questions. Would be grateful to hear some advice. Thanks

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bananaq 9 days ago
suggest that you stay where you belong and feel comfortable.

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