Wear a Mask - Please !!!



Posted by LukeMillen 22 days ago
For those whites DONOT wear a mask, please go back to your country !

Here is Hong Kong (FOLK)

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Ringo23 22 days ago
As a mask wearer myself, you're an idiot.

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boscong88 22 days ago
no, he is not.

not wearing a mask is extremely selfish behavior, you care your convenience more than other people life.

Just wear the Fucking mask

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Ringo23 21 days ago
Not disputing the wear a mask aspect, I fully agree.
He's an idiot for turning it into a 'white' issue. Plenty of 'whites' born here, where do they go?
And here in Sai Kung, plenty of 'non whites' not wearing masks in the shops/restaurants/banks etc.

So yes, wear a mask. But don't make it about colour or start f'ing and blinding because that helps no one.

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GeoffOC 10 days ago
Take a walk around Wan Chai it's cross culture the wearing of masks...I'm not wearing one but giving my allowance to the street cleaners instead who need it more... Should I have a sore throat or such I'll change and stay in doors, as I don't use the bus or MTR I'm not mixing in close association.
So tone down the race side of things as it's not reflective of the situation.

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