Dog walking for free with love (mid-levels area)

Posted by skylaaaa1990 2 mths ago
Hey Guys!

I’m Skyla. I just moved to HK recently, yes amid all this, and I live in the mid-levels area. I work full time in finance and could manage to walk around the neighborhood for at least 45 minutes after work on a daily basis.
I love all sorts of dogs and always think they are the best. I used to have a dog but then it passed away. It was many years before but still I haven’t really found myself in a place to raise a dog again.
But I still love to pet them, hang out with them, walk with them, watch them and give them what they need, be it other friends’ dogs or just random people’s dogs. I have no friend here who has a dog so that’s why I would go out every night to have a few encounters with dogs on the road.
Sometimes I would see domestic helpers just park the dogs on the wayside and play with their phones and stuff. The dog would look pretty frustrated but then it couldn’t do anything. I would usually go up and play with it a little. Most of the dogs are friendly enough to let me pet them for a bit.

I’m not sure if anyone who owns a dog that needs walking and lives around mid-levels would want to work out a schedule with me for walking your dog for free. We could meet first with your dog to evaluate the possibility. If you are interested or have questions, drop me a comment or whatever this forum would allow. (Also new here)



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Prosperus 59 days ago
Hi Skyla

What a lovely offer! Got a contact number?

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aliespinal 38 days ago
Hi Skyla, welcome to Hong Kong! I don't really need dog walking service, but we could grab a drink and you can meet my boy Chulo. Feel free to send me a message.

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