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Posted by hoyiaircon 9 days ago
Why Clean aircon??

The hot summer time in Hong Kong is long; air conditioner can be seen everywhere and is also a necessity in home. Although it is used almost every day, people seldom know how to clean it correctly.
When an air conditioner is turned on, dust is accumulated continuously as well as it is wet inside. When the air conditioner is stopped, the internal temperature and humidity are risen. As a result, every part of the air conditioner will easily breed many allergens, bacteria and mould. If the air conditioner has not been cleaned for a long time, it has become a “poison gas machine” and will blow out harmful air and particles, which put the health of your family in danger.
Therefore, air conditioner must be cleaned and sterilized at least once a year so that it can keep your family away from danger and maintain the efficiency of machine.
Some people say that you can go to supermarket to buy air conditioner spray to clean your air conditioner. This is a misunderstanding. The spray bought at supermarket can clean only the surface of air conditioner, but it cannot clean the bacteria and allergens inside.
The problem still exists, because dust, bacteria, virus, pollen, dust mite are all bred inside the blower of air conditioner. To clean them completely, it requires the use of professional detergent to thoroughly dissolve the harmful material on the blades of blower, and then rinse them with high-pressure water gun.
Only by this mean it can enable you and your family to have fresh and clean air.

Secondly, it is essential to clean the refrigeration parts of air conditioner exposed outside. The heat sinks can easily accumulate dust during typhoon and raining.When the machine operates diligently under a bad heat dissipation situation to maintain normal coolness, it requires much more electricity, resulting in your increased electrical expense and even shortens the life of machine.
If it is cleaned regularly, the refrigerating effect will be better, machine life will be longer, your expenses will be lower, and it also saves the environment. Why not to do it ?

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Ed 8 days ago
If you need to clean or repair your aircon here is a list of HK companies that can help.

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spinynorman 8 days ago
Each time we get Panasonic to thoroughly cleanse our Split level Aircons, 3 servicemen turn up and do the work and charge HK$750 for giving each of the wall mounted fan/ chiller a power-wash into a big bucket.

It satisfies my SWMBO.

Me? I don't feel that it is value for money at $750 for just one aircon !!


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rotorm 8 days ago
cleaning does not increase cold, only disinfection

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