Where can I buy beef in bulk at a low cost?

Posted by wcman 45 days ago
I am on a carnivore diet because I have strict dietary needs and it is just ridiculous the cost of beef in Hong Kong. Probably because there is a monopoly here (what a joke, Hong Kong, free market?? just like petrol!).

Anyway, I want to buy beef in bulk and I was wondering how to do that and where if possible in Hong Kong?

The cheapest cuts like slabs of chuck eye beef is fine because I will be sous vide anyway so it will turn out great.

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carabobo 44 days ago
We also tend to eat a lot of beef... HK can be a challenging place.

Having a larger than HK average freezer certainly helps, if not a small reach in chest freezer can fit in a lot of apartments and they are cheap on the Kowloon side.

Pre Covid-19, I'd simply take two yeti coolers with me when I flew to the US or Australia for business, and fly back to HK with a lot of beef. Zero issues at customs, although I think the official limit is 10kg for personal consumption. That was my preferred choice because I could get cuts that we liked and compared to HK it seems cheap. (I buy cheeses as well.)

Post Covid-19 I've found a couple of options:

Be open to other cuts. Occasionally brisket, chuck, & short rib can be more expensive than in other countries because locals use them in a lot of dishes (a busy noodle shop goes through more brisket than a bbq joint in TX.) Sirloin, Flank, Hanger, etc. can be a better deal. Topside steaks and other tough cuts are great options in the Sous Vide, and weren't familiar to me before I started trying things. Beef cheeks are also good in the sous vide or braised like a pot roast.


Market Place by Jasons will occasionally have decent flank steak on sale, and when they do I buy 10-20 kg. (I just buy the large cryopac packer bags.) ParknShop will also have "meat counter specials" occasionally. It seems to depend on the branch, the larger ones do more often than the really urban locations. (The ParknShop at Parkview in the middle of the island does, the one near my apt doesn't have much of a meat counter.)

In Happy Valley there are a couple of fresh and frozen places that are decent options, but not exactly cheap. We had some really nice hanger steaks on the grill last night that were 20 hkd per 100g (around 11.50 usd/pound) from Pacific Gourmet. (They weren't cleaned, I had to cut off some sinew/hard fat.) I'ave also bought some reasonably priced things from Feather & Bone- their bone in ribeyes can be a great deal.

Frozen meat shops- Loi Chan frozen meat, Meat Masters, etc. They usually have some good options, you can shop/order online, and they deliver to most areas with some minimum order amount. There are also some of these places around HK island, if I see one I pop in and check what they have. I've found some good deals on US baby back ribs (pork) and frozen chuck roasts. The online shops are my usual go to for ordering something to be cooked a couple of days out.

Wet Market/Wholesale food market- I get my fruits and veggies from one, but I haven't done meat here. But one of the guys I work with swears by these places in the mornings. It's probably 20 year old Chinese dairy cattle, but a couple of pictures he sent me looked good of the finished product looked good. He said there is a great fresh & frozen meat shop in the Western Wholesale market that works out great, they supply a lot of local hotels/restaurants.

Last option, we've increased our consumption of Chicken & fish. Decent chicken isn't hard to find here.

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marcusboy 29 days ago

I am interested to know how I can also go through HK customs with beef from Australia or the US. The quality of the meat here is not good unless you are willing to pay a high price for them and I always am tempted to buy from my visit to the US or Australia. I thought a certificate of some sort is required before one can import meat into HK even if it is for own consumption. Do the HK customs ever ask to check your yeti coolers? And how do you check in those coolers?

Thank you.

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