Home Wiring - CAT6

Posted by tommentator 43 days ago

I am wanting to have a CAT6 cable installed into the house I am living in, any suggestions on who might be good to come and do this?

Thanks in advance

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Ed 42 days ago
We've just upgraded our directory and added recommendations for just about every service you will need in Hong Kong.
For your job, please check our home technology section  

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tommentator 42 days ago
Thanks but they aren’t exactly what I am looking for

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spinynorman 42 days ago
BUT : any possible contractor would ACTUALLY need to KNOW "at what location" is his/her services going to be used!

As I have remarked - many times - I doubt if a contractor based in (say) Ap Lei Chau would even consider travelling North of {say} Lion Rock without a huge financial benefit to him/herself !!

It's all a case of economics after all!!

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