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Posted by Stels87 45 days ago
I recently moved to Hong Kong, and have been in my current residence since November. Each month my electricity bill creeps up (I expect this as it gets warmer and warmer as we use the air con for a longer period). However, this months bill for May and June was $4181 - does that seem a reasonable amount?

I live in a house in Sai Kung, both my husband and I work all day at our works’ premises. We only use our air con when we come home at night - in the living room for a couple of hours and then have it on all night in our bedroom.

The only extra electrical appliance that we’ve had on in the aforementioned months is a dehumidifier.

Our March to April bill was $1834.

Appreciate if anyone else can advise on their recent bills? I’ve never lived abroad in a hot and humid climate to know what the expected rates are to know what is reasonable.

Many thanks!

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bananaq 45 days ago
its too much. better complain to CLP your meter might have some problem or some smart guy put a jumper on your house.

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