Dental Braces

Posted by WWcC 26 days ago
I have been quoted anywhere between 50K-80K on HK Island for braces for a student. I had my own done, albeit some years ago, and cost was nothing remotely close to these prices.
One dentist quoted HK$4000 for a consultation!!!!! (I'm still gasping for air after that one!) Besides in HK, I was also told the student will need retainers which cost more.
I have never needed retainers and mine never moved. I would love to hear from anyone who has had Dental braces done for their teen child for a resonable sum of money either on HK Island (preferably) or willing to travel to Kowloon side?

Has anyone used Caritas Orthodentist who seems more reasonable and what are experiences?

I see other reviews on this forum but they are all quite old so expect Orthodentists and prices have long since changed.

Appreciate any feedback / recommendations as I'm desperate now to get this started.

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Ed 25 days ago
You can have a look in our medical directory for  some recommended orthodontists and dentists.

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