Found someone’s lost wedding band

Posted by jen12345 33 days ago
Hi there - I found a man’s wedding band with inscription S.L. & R.S. Would like to return to rightful owner. Please contact me if you know who this belongs to!


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spinynorman 33 days ago
You would have a better chance of re-uniting with its owner - here - if you had given its "found" location - HK is, you have to admit, a large area & there's few readers here!

That being said, if I'd found it, then it ought to be handed in to the most local "Cop-shop" for them to take charge of it -- in the hope that one or other of the persons would make enquiries there.

Finally, perhaps, it was a "divorce" or something similar which caused the "loss or discarding" of the ring in the first place!

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