Fiber optic installation help needed

Posted by HKGuy2005 6 mths ago
The building I moved to recently has fiber optic internet line, however, the line has not been extended to my flat. Does anyone know of any electrician or technician who can assist in extending the connection line?

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spinynorman 6 mths ago
I would suggest that it is the RESPONSIBILITY of the ISP who is to supply the service.

Just fiddling a fibre connection to an access point won't work for you !

Of course, if they have no "spare" capacity for you, then you have "lucked out" !!

If you have an i-Cable outlet, get them to supply TV / ISP / telephone connections.

I have been using them for years and $aved myself a bundle of loot that didn't go to "Skinhead" Li at "Spamvigator".

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