recommended cellular plan for expat who's out of hk for long periods

Posted by spammerhamster 3 mths ago
I'm currently not in hk due to the pandemic. i've been away so long that my usual cls prepaid sim is now not working anymore (if you don't recharge it at least once a year, it'll be frozen).

to prevent this from happening again, i want to get a monthly cellular plan when travelling is possible again, hoping that that won't have these problems.

since i don't stay in hk that long (usually a month or two and then i'm back in europe for a year).

which cellular plans are recommended? budget around 200 HKD a month.i need the mobile number to work abroad too, just to receive verification sms from my bank and such (i just fixed a banking problem painfully with lotsa hoops, because my prepaid sim is not working anymore)

data roaming is not needed, but it could be handy to have some data when i'm in hk of course (it coulld very well be a package which i activate upon arrival). when i'm in europe, i'll be using my local sim.

is any cellular plan good enough? or do i need to be careful about hidden costs? will the subscription be paid directly through my hk bank automatically or do i need to use the bank debit/credit card?

i have a permanent residence hk id and a local address

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annielwc 3 mths ago
Hey, you can try Sun Mobile. Their monthly plan is really a good deal, which included 4G data. You can have a look:

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