Offer from Renaissance College-where to move with family???

Posted by Romiha 42 days ago
Dear all, my husband has just received an offer from Renaissance school in Ma On Shan. We now have a big decision to make for our family, we have a 3 year old daughter and I'm currently 8 months pregnant.
We have a million questions, so any help or advice would be very welcome:
We're looking for a quiet, family friendly neighborhood where it's possible to rent a house or big apartment with possible outside space
- we've read a lot about Sai Kung-any info on this area? Is it very remote? (we don't drive so would have to depend on public transport)
-we would be looking for a kindergarten for our 3 year old. From all I've seen so far, kindergartens in Sai Kung are very expensive and only. Offer 3 hours a day

-would you say that finding an appropriate kindergarten determines where we should. Live or the other way round?

-any other areas close to thr school you can recommend for a family?

And last. But not least, my main concern. About moving is the air. Pollution? How bad is it in places like Sai Kung?

Sorry for all the questions and than you in. Advance for your help!!!!


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