Fencing Private Land

Posted by Chinoy 41 days ago
I owned small parcels of land in HK but the one that has fences been removed without my consent and basically they’ve trespassed.

As I did not see who done it and also being away from home, outside HK, I am getting worried because I felt it is not secure anymore.

Can anyone please advice me what steps/procedures to do or take, please?

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bananaq 41 days ago
From your other email, it seems the suspect is the stepmother.

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Chinoy 41 days ago
I am thinking the same thing as they have been trying to corner me in every way possible they can.

Any advice how I can put the fences back up legally without backfiring at me?

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bananaq 21 days ago
the best way is to hire a security but will be costly. Another thing is put a concrete fence. from your name its seems your half/half. Are you pinoy?

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